Saturday, 23 February 2013

Only know you love her when you let her go ♡

Top - Vero Moda, Skirt - River Island, Lita Boots - Boohoo.

Belt - Vintage, Turquoise Ring - Pandora's Box Event,
Jade Ring - Topshop, Bracelets - H&M, Penneys, Topshop.
I am actually in love with this little beauty I found in a vintage store - real leather belt, with heavy gold detailing! It's fab & adds a rustic feel to this simple look! This turquoise ring is also a great little piece I picked up at the Pandora's Box Event last weekend!
Waffle Knit Cardigan - Tk Maxx
Here's what I wore on a night out with the girls last weekend!
I bought this little lace skater skirt in River Island over a year ago, finally decided to take the tags off & dare to wear it! I love skater skirts - so girly & simple!
As you've seen in previous posts, I do tend to wear my Lita boots a lot!! So, it would be rude not to buy them in brown...wouldn't it? Brown does go with everything... :)
A few people have asked where I got this statement necklace - I bought in two years ago, I remember it being on sale but cannot remember where I bought it, either Topshop or Miss Selfridge! First time I wore it... I'm the worst for storing away my new items & forgetting all about them until I stumble upon them months later! #badhabit
February is flying - can't believe March is less than a week away! Closer to all I have to do is sort out my holidays! Hmmm...
Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend :)
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Friday, 15 February 2013

Heart-maker ♡

If you, like my family, enjoy the odd glass of wine & like to keep corks as trophies... cough cough.. I mean decoration - then here's the perfect DIY project for you! :)

Here's how to make a cute heart shaped notice board using old wine corks! It's a fun & different way to display your little notes & photos! Hey - who doesn't love to recycle?! :)

Here's what you'll need:
  • wine corks
  • glue gun (I must invest in a cute pink one)
  • thumb tacks
  • ribbon

Choose a shape - I chose a heart! Lay it out to your liking!

Start gluing one by one - trying to stay as close to the original shape as you can!

Press the corks to ensure they gel together :)


Just attach your notes, photos, recipes, whatevs.. or hang it as decoration!

Simple DIY project  - I know Valentines is over but it's never too late for hearts :)

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Denim on denim!

Denim Shirt - Topshop, Tee - Topshop, Jeans - River Island, Sneakers - New Look
Ray Ban Sunnies - Crete, Water Sign Necklace - Topshop

Peace hand panja - River Island, Heart Shaped Ring - River Island, Star Band Ring - Topshop,
"N" Ring - Topshop, Watch - River Island


Simple Saturday outfit, perfect for shopping, chilling, cinema,etc!

I love cuffing up denim jeans & shirts, it gives your outfit a more relaxed, laid back look! Somewhere between the cuffed denim & my white canvas sneakers was a very Dirty Dancing-esque outfit, that or a painter?! :)


Such a timeless look!

Most of us have the ingredients for double denim in our wardrobes, so why not mix it up? :) Pair light denim tops with darker denim jeans to break up your outfit, ombré affect - much like my hair... Please excuse my roots, I'm trying to grow them out :)

A denim shirt paired with your favorite jeans and brogues, pumps or sneakers can be both fashionable & functional!

Add a splash of colour through your accessories, I opted for my Ray Ban Sunnies, I love the element of fun they add to such a simple look! You could add colour by wearing a brooch, bag, funky shoes, jewellery, you name it! :)

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Friday, 8 February 2013

Sneak peek of my boudoir... ♡

Put your most valuable items on bookshelves, your vanity table, etc!
Use your imagination when looking for items to decorate your room with - I like mixing old with new, adding a vintage touch to your modern items is so much fun:)

I love the rustic/vintage feel my typewriter (that I got as a Christmas prezzie) adds to my vanity table!

Just like I use vintage teacups, saucers & my 21st champagne glass as pretty containers, I love Kilner Jars for anything from jewelery to make up, nail polishes, make-up brushes, stationeries to flower arrangements - you can use any quirky, personal or household objects as containers, that's the beauty of it! You would be surprised at the household items that can be used to store jewelery,etc!

I hang my necklaces on display - that way they don't tangle or mingle & they become a focal point in my room! I like how your personality shows through your decorating!

Dreamcathers - the love of my life!
I like to store my rings in a personalised champagne glass I got for my 21st birthday! It's different & unique! Too often we leave expensive gifts in their boxes! Life's too short not to use the good stuff! I love the elegant, yet personal touch it adds to my vanity table!
Vintage or what? I keep my make-up brushes, eye liners, my favourite jewelery , etc in gorgeous teacups & saucers all around my room! Sweet & chic! This particular pink dainty teacup is a family heirloom that I adore.

I love how dainty they are! They're so much prettier than traditional jewelery boxes. Why hide your beautiful gems, diamonds & pearls when you can keep them in antique items such as a teacup? :)

This is one of my favourite focal points in my bedroom!! Handmade jewelery holder my Dada made!

100% dreamer ♡

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