Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hair chalking

I was very tempted to professionally dip-dye my hair a few months ago, as ombre & dip-dying were all in! This picture was my inspiration :)

I've previously mentioned my love for DIY, so I searched all my favourite sites to see if I could come up with a temporary solution for this look!
& Hair Chalking popped up, I saw this as a personal project!
I needed a guinea pig......
Who better to use than my darling sister Ailbhe?! Muhahaha. :)
Chalk- You can buy hair chalk but I opted for normal pastel chalk as I had it at home! Same results!
Water - Hair must be damp to start with but this is also an easy way to keep it damp.
Towels - To prevent the chalk from going on your beautiful clothes! :)
Gloves - Which I forgot all about, I looked a bit like Barney after my DIY!
Now, here's how you do it :)
Tip -  Twisting sections of your hair makes it easier for an all over colour
& brush your hair between Step 3 & 4 or else it will become knotty!

Ailbhe after hair chalking :)

 Simples!! :)

Her little puppy Oscar is going to be my next project... Muhaha :)

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Grá mór,
Neasa x 


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Outfit Post

Here's an outfit I wore to my cousins' 21st party on Friday night! What a night!! :)
 I teamed my trusty leather pleated skirt with a red blouse, studded Chelsea boots & my studded bag! Simple. 

Leather pleated skirt from Penneys, Red blouse from Penneys, Studded Chelsea boots from Republic, Studded bag from Zara,
Gold watch from River Island.

Obsessed with my River Island watch, literally can't take it off! Ailbhe, my favourite sister, hint hint, nudge nudge ;) bought these gorgeous stackable rings for me in New Look. My studded bracelet is from Penneys, Cross ring is from River Island & my wooden peace bracelet is from Topshop.

Speaking of red, i bought my little yorkie Setanta a gorgeous red body warmer last week!
Perfect to keep him warm on cold Winter nights, here's some of his modelling :)
He'd have to get a mention on my blog ;)

& another splash of Red, isn't Taylor Swift's new album Red amazing?
I can't get enough of her!!
& her style isn't too bad either ;)

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Grá mór,
Neasa x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

All that glitters is not gold...Part two!

I have already mentioned my love for sequins, glitter, gold,etc!
I'm a magpie :)
So believe it or not, I'm gonna speak about even more bling!! :)

                         DIY River Island Spikes, Penneys Studded Bracelets, Topshop Beaded Cuff, Penneys Spike Bracelet.

I have always loved DIY! Last month I transformed an old denim vest into a modern studded version, will update photos soon! I love DIY because you get an extra kick out of it because it's your own work & it's 100% unique! So spikes are my latest DIY addiction, so now all I need is a project :) These River Island spikes are fantastic as they are reusuable so they can transform all types of items & if you get sick of them on a certain item, just remove them and put them on a bag, etc.

I got the spike bracelet & studded bracelet in Penneys finest :) You can never go wrong with Penneys jewelery as it is exactly the same as all the highstreet items that are double the price! I bought 3 of these studded bracelets as they go with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!!
I got this beautiful beaded cuff in Topshop on sale for €3.50! Result :) It adds a special finishing touch to an outfit.

                     My Baby -


This is my gorgeous MOSCHINO belt that I got off my parents for my birthday, that I will be wearing all Christmas!! :)

It gives every outfit a clean, polished look! I LOVE IT :)
It transforms a simple skirt or dress to a very dressy,classy & elegant look!

Here I've teamed it with my gorgeous studded Zara bag! It goes with everything & is defo my go-to bag!! Perfect for that day-to-night look we all love to acheive :)

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Grá mór,
Neasa x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Welcome to my world..

My name is Neasa & I'm from Galway, Ireland :)
& this is my very first blog. EVER!

I'm a little obsessed with fashion, vintage, photography & DIY!! Just a little ;)

My Mama has always said "All that glitters is not gold..." and i find it very true, so what better way to start my blog, with only 33 days 'til christmas, with a little magic & sparkle...... & fashion of course!

I'm thinking sequins, glitter, gold, bling, sparkle...... & just a little bit of pixiedust. :)

I'll start off with the gem i found Boohoo, my new Sequin Skirt:

I originally bought this €38 skirt for my birthday, which was last weekend. I loved the vintage feel it had :)
I wore it with black Topshop killer heels, River Island navy silk vest & a black fitted blazer from Penneys & gold accesories, sorted!

As it's a statement item, it's best to keep the rest of your outfit chic & simple.

You can wear this skirt with just about anything as there are navy, black, green & gold shades going through the skirt.

Detailing is amazing, great price & is very comfy. That said, i did find myself tugging at it all night trying to keep it down. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! :)

Perfect for festive nights to come, as you can team it with tights or bare your legs for a sexier look :)

Here's a sample of my outfit on the weekend, please excuse the messy end of the night picture :)


Every girl loves to sparkle at Christmas time, so I was delighted when I picked up these beyond gorgeous heels in Penneys last week. To say I'm in love would be an understatement.

These heels are to die for & at €19, it would be a sin to leave them behind! (That's my excuse anyway ;) )

You have been warned, major pixiedust :)


These heels will add sparkle to any outfit!!

They're nude/salmon.
Adorable bow, glitter, sparkle encrusted....

What more does a girl want?!
Better run & get them before they're all sold out!!

So far, they're my two favourite sequin/glitter items for Christmas, but I will keep you updated if I buy any more :)

Hope someone enjoyed reading this, is someone reading this? Hey you, hi :)
Thanks for popping in :)

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Hoping to hear from you,

Grá mór,
Neasa x