Thursday, 22 November 2012

All that glitters is not gold...Part two!

I have already mentioned my love for sequins, glitter, gold,etc!
I'm a magpie :)
So believe it or not, I'm gonna speak about even more bling!! :)

                         DIY River Island Spikes, Penneys Studded Bracelets, Topshop Beaded Cuff, Penneys Spike Bracelet.

I have always loved DIY! Last month I transformed an old denim vest into a modern studded version, will update photos soon! I love DIY because you get an extra kick out of it because it's your own work & it's 100% unique! So spikes are my latest DIY addiction, so now all I need is a project :) These River Island spikes are fantastic as they are reusuable so they can transform all types of items & if you get sick of them on a certain item, just remove them and put them on a bag, etc.

I got the spike bracelet & studded bracelet in Penneys finest :) You can never go wrong with Penneys jewelery as it is exactly the same as all the highstreet items that are double the price! I bought 3 of these studded bracelets as they go with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!!
I got this beautiful beaded cuff in Topshop on sale for €3.50! Result :) It adds a special finishing touch to an outfit.

                     My Baby -


This is my gorgeous MOSCHINO belt that I got off my parents for my birthday, that I will be wearing all Christmas!! :)

It gives every outfit a clean, polished look! I LOVE IT :)
It transforms a simple skirt or dress to a very dressy,classy & elegant look!

Here I've teamed it with my gorgeous studded Zara bag! It goes with everything & is defo my go-to bag!! Perfect for that day-to-night look we all love to acheive :)

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Grá mór,
Neasa x

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