Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hair chalking

I was very tempted to professionally dip-dye my hair a few months ago, as ombre & dip-dying were all in! This picture was my inspiration :)

I've previously mentioned my love for DIY, so I searched all my favourite sites to see if I could come up with a temporary solution for this look!
& Hair Chalking popped up, I saw this as a personal project!
I needed a guinea pig......
Who better to use than my darling sister Ailbhe?! Muhahaha. :)
Chalk- You can buy hair chalk but I opted for normal pastel chalk as I had it at home! Same results!
Water - Hair must be damp to start with but this is also an easy way to keep it damp.
Towels - To prevent the chalk from going on your beautiful clothes! :)
Gloves - Which I forgot all about, I looked a bit like Barney after my DIY!
Now, here's how you do it :)
Tip -  Twisting sections of your hair makes it easier for an all over colour
& brush your hair between Step 3 & 4 or else it will become knotty!

Ailbhe after hair chalking :)

 Simples!! :)

Her little puppy Oscar is going to be my next project... Muhaha :)

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Grá mór,
Neasa x 


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