Friday, 8 February 2013

Sneak peek of my boudoir... ♡

Put your most valuable items on bookshelves, your vanity table, etc!
Use your imagination when looking for items to decorate your room with - I like mixing old with new, adding a vintage touch to your modern items is so much fun:)

I love the rustic/vintage feel my typewriter (that I got as a Christmas prezzie) adds to my vanity table!

Just like I use vintage teacups, saucers & my 21st champagne glass as pretty containers, I love Kilner Jars for anything from jewelery to make up, nail polishes, make-up brushes, stationeries to flower arrangements - you can use any quirky, personal or household objects as containers, that's the beauty of it! You would be surprised at the household items that can be used to store jewelery,etc!

I hang my necklaces on display - that way they don't tangle or mingle & they become a focal point in my room! I like how your personality shows through your decorating!

Dreamcathers - the love of my life!
I like to store my rings in a personalised champagne glass I got for my 21st birthday! It's different & unique! Too often we leave expensive gifts in their boxes! Life's too short not to use the good stuff! I love the elegant, yet personal touch it adds to my vanity table!
Vintage or what? I keep my make-up brushes, eye liners, my favourite jewelery , etc in gorgeous teacups & saucers all around my room! Sweet & chic! This particular pink dainty teacup is a family heirloom that I adore.

I love how dainty they are! They're so much prettier than traditional jewelery boxes. Why hide your beautiful gems, diamonds & pearls when you can keep them in antique items such as a teacup? :)

This is one of my favourite focal points in my bedroom!! Handmade jewelery holder my Dada made!

100% dreamer ♡

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Feel free to share your ideas below ..

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