Friday, 29 March 2013

A little head piece of heaven...

I am absolutely loving head pieces at the moment!! My collection is growing bigger & bigger by the day!

They are everywhere lately, which is feeding my bad habit even more! 

I have a little obsession with a certain River Island piece! It is fab :) You could wear it to your own wedding or just look like a greek goddess on any given day!! I have been lusting over it for weeks & I am finally going to give in and buy it this weekend - will post pics asap! ;)

They are the perfect answer to those outfits we all have that need a little something something - place it in your hair, either in a ponytail or wear it down & voila you're ready to party!

I bought this little beauty in River Island, love it! 




You'll feel like a princess - after all, a head piece is like wearing a modern tiara! :)
Jewelery head pieces are defo my latest obsession, don't get me started on foot pieces and body piece!! Love love love!! ♡


I'll defo be sporting these on holliers this year!
Are you loving head pieces & the likes at the moment?

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Grá mór,
Neasa x



  1. A great way to reuse any old necklaces too x