Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Style-Eyes - The App every girl needs!

Ever spotted someone wearing a gorgeous dress, skirt, blazer, etc. etc.,that you NEED in your wardrobe, but when you ask where they bought it, they reply with something like "Oh I have this for years!"?!. That's when you think, "Oh I'll never be able to find one quiet like it!" Eh-ah! Wrong...

There's a new app for that! It's Irish (pause for applause), it's free & it's called Style-Eyes :)
This new app aims to make online shopping quick and easy - as if we needed any excuse!!

You simply take a photo of the item of clothing you just can't live without & Style-Eyes searches across 1300 well known brands to find an exact match or something similar. Retailers include Marc Jacobs, ASOS, House of Fraser & Topshop only to name a few!

Cherry on top?! You have the option to buy the item directly through the app at a discounted price. What more does a girl want?! :)

Style-Eyes is available on Google Play at the moment & it will also be available on the Apple Store from Friday, the 20th of September.  

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  1. arragh, thats such a good idea!! Im sceptical but would defo give it a try