Wednesday, 19 December 2012

All these little things...

With only 05 days, 2 hours & 15 seconds (& counting) left until Christmas Eve, I am thrilled to say that I have 99.6% of my Christmas shopping done! Now I can really focus on Christmas without stressing over what to buy for family & friends, here's where we get to enjoy it all!

After finishing all our Christmas Shopping, my sister Ailbhe & I decided to treat ourselves to some sweets & chocolate!! We were spoilt for choice between Candy Land & Sweet Dreams! We were estactic to see that they had Flipz, chocolate covered pretsels as we were obsessed with them when we were in the States, could not get enough of them!!

Wonka bars are a classic, though I have always been more of a Wonka Crackling Chocolate Bar fan (very glad to hear that they are stocking them very soon, shhhh!) Hersheys.....Hmmm! What more can I say?! :) Perfect stocking filler - hint hint ;)

I'm loving Catrice Cosmetics at the moment! Exceptional quality & at a very affordable price!! Their nail polish colours are to die for, I must have half their stock! They're available in Penneys & they don't test on animals, which is always an added bonus! Here's a photo of my two latest shades (€2.79 each) - bottle green & ruby red with a glitter & sparkles!! Don't get me started on their blushers & eyeshadows... :) 
Since I've started blogging I've been given some gorgeous notebooks, as a lover of vintage, I love the old fashioned feel of jotting down notes, little ideas I have & my inspirations. Now my only problem is which one to carry with me at all times!! I've also "borrowed" a Niall Horan Biro from my 10 year old cousin..that she might not be seeing again!! #1Dcreeper

I've started a new project!
Ultra cute & girly! I love adding ribbons to bags, clothes & as hair accessories so why not add them to fairy lights?! :) Here's my progress so far...
Hope you enjoyed reading this!

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Grá mór,
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