Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey.... & Green!

Girls, I am very sorry to dissapoint!! This post has nothing to do with Christian Grey, it's actually about clothes!! But I won't judge if you do want to fascinate about him, especially if he's in the form of Ryan Gosling ♡

So....Back to reality(unfortunately)...

I nearly ran out of outfits to wear this Christmas as I was out socialisng nearly every night! I love the care-free attitude everyone has come Christmas Time, everyone is out celebrating & making the most out of life! Now that it's all over, I finally have time to catch up on my blogging! 

I literally didnt have enough time to take an outfit photo of what I wore on St.Stephen's night as I had to rush to get the hackney, Cinderella story - once again!!
So here's a quick peek :)

Shirt - New Look, Belt - Moschino, Skirt - Penneys, Watch - RI,
Spiked Bracelets - Penneys, Wooden Bracelet - Topshop, Colourful Bracelets - Bought in Crete

St. Stephens night is one of my favourite social nights of the year! I wore a New Look shirt I bought on sale for €13, Moschino belt & my famous leather pleated skirt (that I'm sure you've never seen me wear before ;)) My Topshop lace up booties cannot be seen in the above pictures! It was a very simple outfit, perfect for dancing the night away!

Jumper - Topshop, Skirt - Penneys, Wedges - Miss Selfridge

Floral garland - New Look

Here's the outfit I wore going to dinner, during our midweek stay in Cork! I love skirts, but due to the fact that we live in Ireland, baring your legs can be a disaster when everyday is Winter weather! That's why I love layering jumpers, like this one from Topshop with a skirt, as its chunky enough to keep you warm but not bulky enough to ruin your look! I bought these gorgeous chic black wedges in Miss Selfridge, they have a beautiful bow detail in the back & to top it all off they were reduced to €30! 

Cork City is a great spot for shopping, especially Opera Lane which offers some of my favourite shops including H&M, River Island, Topshop, Gap, New Look & Kuyichi - just to name a few!

This is why my Laser Card has insufficient funds:.....

I picked up alot in the Topshop sale as you can see in the above photos! My poor Laser card is battered & bruised as a result of all my shopping & festivities during Christmas! I love these Illustrated People vests I bought, hence Fifty Shades of Grey!! They were all reduced to less than half price, how could a girl resist! I love the Water Sign necklace I bought, I'm big into starsigns & being a Scorpian I had to have it! The jade ring was too pretty to leave on the shelf, so I decided to foster it & raise it as one of my own ;)

My notebooks are overflowing with details of all my outfit posts & festivities during the holidays. All I have to do now is to update my blog!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

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Grá mór,
Neasa x

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