Sunday, 28 July 2013

Holiday snaps

I had planned to take blog photos under beautiful blue skies, rustic scenery, sunshine, yada yada..... that was until we landed! Sunbathing by the pool, cocktail in one hand, iPod in the other.. Followed by another cocktail, then followed by another... Moral of the story, we had no time to take blog photos as we were having too much fun!! Tough life eh?! We did however manage to shoot these shots on our way to a cocktail bar --> Check it out here  Cocktails & Crochet in Crete...♡

So here's a few random photos - some outfit pics, arm candy, scenery - don't worry I've left out all the drunken ones!  :)

Can't believe it's nearly August already - wish Summer would slow down a bit. I have been slacking on the blog front recently, so little time, so much to do - but I'll try to squeeze a little post in next weekend for the Bank holiday :)

Happy Sunday - make the most of it!

Grá mór,
Neasa x

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