Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hues of Blue

Hi Girls, 

I went to Penneys yesterday to pick up one item & came out with two bags full! How? I don't think any of us have an answer girls, it's just what we do haha :) 

I thought I'd show you some of my favourite items, which all happen to be the jewellery I bought. 

Amaze? Yes! 

Candy Cane Necklace - €2
Diamond Drop Earrings - €2
Blue Sparkly Earrings - €3
Statement Necklace - €8

Where else would you buy four pieces of jewellery for €15?! 💕 

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Grá mór,

Neasa x


  1. I just did a post yesterday on bits I picked up. But how did I miss that necklace, it is glorious! Also the little candy cane necklace, very cute!

    1. Hi Nora,
      I just read your post, you picked up some beautiful pieces too... Love the bag, so true about paying €50 or more on a similar item on the high street.